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cantinho da casa

cantinho da casa

Live in London 2008/ Live in Portugal




Comments about Madonna. I completely agree... weak voice, nice performance.



1-Nah, last year (maybe year before) she made more money touring than anyone else, her last album did well and she still commands the news cycle.

Madonna has never been a great singer, that's not what she's ever been about - what she is, is an iconic performer. When she did Live 8 in London, there were plenty of bum notes, but she was given credit for stealing the show because the overall performance was great.


2-ok im going to say this. Her concerts were not sold out. You can see why. At 50 she looks ok. But crikey her voice is bloody terrible. The sounding was terrible. She is seriously struggling...i predict madonna..divorced in a year..her career to fall by the wayside..and more empty seats in her concerts. Especially is she continues to sing as badly as this!!! retire Madonna whilst your still respected.