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cantinho da casa

cantinho da casa

776 - Happy birthday










Não é qualquer ministro que tem o prazer de ter prendas como estas.

E as meninas são lindas!

A notícia foi publicada nos nossos jornais e noticiários, mas em Inglês tem outro charme.



Lingerie-Dressed Moscow students from a well known university have posed in an erotic calendar announcing their love for Prime Minister Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin, who turns 58 in his birthday.

The calendar named "Vladimir Vladimirovich, We love you. Happy Birthday Mr Putin," which features about twelve women wearing only underwear and giving hot slogans.Its been in news that the Students are Journalists at the Moscow State University.

Here is an example –

Wearing a black lingerie, a woman named Miss March, Lena Gornostayeva, wishes Mr Putin happy birthday .She also gave the message: "You put out the forest fires, but I'm still burning."

One of the creators is Perlin said that Vladimir Tabak helped him to publish that calendar.According to him the main idea of the calendar is to portrait the girls who are not simple models but achieved some success in political field.About 50 k copied already been in sale which cost about 260 rubles each which is of 8.71 dollars.



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