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Cantinho da Casa

Cantinho da Casa

683 - Os famosos

Maria Araújo, 13.07.10


Rumores retirados deste blog

Os mais evidentes para mim são:


In the fashion world, there are some rumours that come and go every certain period of months. They suddenly surface, cause a stir, and then they disappear. Here you have the usual rumours:

- Kate Moss is getting married
- Lorenzo Martone & Marc Jacobs split up
- Karl Lagerfeld leaves Chanel

- Alber Elbaz replaces Karl at Chanel
- Naomi hits someone again
- Armani retires
- Lindsay Lohan designs for Ungaro (wait, that was true)
- Anna Wintour retires
- Carine Roitfeld editor in chief of Vogue US
- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's marriage is weak
- Kate Moss is pregnant



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