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cantinho da casa

cantinho da casa

Enjoy life





      *I truly believe in this. How many flowers end up at the
funeral home and how many flowers did the dead person enjoy while they were
Here's an e* *-* *flower from me!
Enjoy your day!** *
*F**lower Delivery ......*
 *I would rather have one rose and*
 *a kind word from a friend*
*while I'm here, than a whole*
 *truck load when I'm gone .*
 *These Are For You !!!*
*Just Forward these to all your friends,*
 *including ... back to me.*
 *And don't tell me that*
*you're too busy for this.*
 *Don't you know the phrase ...*
 *'Stop and Smell the Flowers' ???*
*Let's just see how many 'Bouquets'*
*you end up with !!!*
 *Happiness keeps you Sweet,*
 *Trials keep you Strong,*
 *Sorrows keep you Human,*
*Failures keep you Humble,*
 *Success keeps you Glowing,*
 *But .... Only Friends ....*
 *Keep You Going !!!*

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